Harry Baron: Thoughts on his work
In his work, he deals with basic questions of being, the cycle of life, and the continuous metamorphosis of man and nature. The world which surrounds us may be grasped and understood in different ways. The more and the deeper one presses and searches, the more new facts and connections become visible. Geological changes, continents drifting apart, subterranean currents and volcanic activity have their influence on the global transformations. Men, animals and plants come to life and complete the eternal cycle of life, after having regenerated through transmission of the genetic code. Man, who has the capacity for logical and consistent thought, affects the world, changes it and gives rise to new situations. He builds, constructs, intervenes in chemical, organic, atmospheric, and geological processes and changes the world. Man has developed processes to produce nuclear energy, learned to decipher and influence genetic codes in order to produce new types of animals and plants, and finally succeeded in extricating himself from Earth’s gravity to press into space. Man’s ability to think, inspired by fantasy and senses, led to the genesis of music, art, Literature and science – all creations of the human spirit. Man strives to improve the world, but simultaneously allows the rise of great dangers Which threaten the existence of the human species and of this planet. In spite of his achievements, modern man is dominated by the forces of nature, by the cycle of death and life, without having found the true meaning of being.

Harry Baron 2006
Harry Baron in his studio