Oded Feingersh about H.Baron
Harry Baron, a figure in black, with burning eyes. Electricity hides behind his laughing face, but his self-control also expresses itself in his sculptures. The tension and impulses hide somewhere there- far, far away, well hidden underneath the logical forms, underneath the perfect technique, underneath the figurative hints. Harry Baron who lives in Israel, in the sizzling Orient, carries with him an extraordinary European cultural tradition. Israel, as a nation of immigrants, initially drew its resources of modern culture from central Europe, and especially from German immigrants who fled the approaching Second World War. Natives of Munich, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf and Berlin settled in Jerusalem, around Israel's first school of arts and crafts, "Bezalel". with the years, the influence of the United States itself also a nation of immigrants grew. The young generation of artists turns to New York, towards the poverty of material glorified in America, and towards the cultural characteristics of the supermarket, advertising and industrial materials. Harry Baron is a man of Europe. He continues classic sculpture and kisses the hand of Brancusi although he does it in a unique way which expresses his personal artistic language, using advanced techniques which he has explored and developed over the years. From Tel Aviv, I send him my best wishes for a successful journey.

Oded Feingersh
Painter and Curator
Harry Baron with his daughter Inbal in front of his sculpture 'Family', Tel Aviv – Israel
Harry Baron himself